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Our Proven Collision Repair Process

Simple and Stress-Free Auto Body Repairs

The professionals at J & C Automotive & Collision want your repair process to be a stress-free time for you and your family. Each step of this process is backed with a team of certified, highly trained technicians in our shop and friendly, experienced customer support personnel in our office. This has been designed to give our customers a quality repair and service that ensures your every need is taken care of. From the time of the accident to the completion of repairs, our services guarantee that your vehicle will be repaired back to pre-accident condition by people you can trust and that you will be provided with the reliable support you may need during this time. 

To learn more about each step take a look at the repair process from start to finish below.

Our Repair Process

1) The Accident
  • Your vehicle is not driveable: if you need a tow you can call our 24/7 towing service at 713-471-6038
  • Contact the insurance company to file a claim
  • If your vehicle is at or is going to our shop let the insurance company know our name, address, and phone number. Also, remember that even if your insurance company recommends one of their 'preferred' shops the decision of where you get your vehicle repaired is 100% your choice and it is illegal for them to tell you that you have to take your vehicle to one of their shops. We provide all the same service and guarantees that their shops provide. We work with all insurance companies, the only difference between a 'preferred' shop and our shop is that their shops tend to be more focused on the needs of the insurance company because of the requirements they have by the insurance company for being a 'preferred' shop, as where we are more focused on the needs of our customer
  • Rental car if your vehicle is not driveable: ask the insurance company what rental car company they use, then give that rental car company your claim number, and they will set you up in a rental car. We also have rental cars provided by our shop that are available for our customers
  • Your vehicle is driveable: come by our shop or call to schedule an appointment with us. If you will need a rental car we will set it up for you so that the day you drop off your car for repairs it will be available to you
2.) Your Estimate
  • If you will be paying for your repairs out of pocket we can write a free estimate for you at our shop
  • Schedule an appointment to drop off your vehicle for repairs and get your contact info for updates via phone, email, or text
  • Arrange a rental car for you
  • If an insurance company will be paying for your repairs the insurance company will come out and we will go over the damages with them. They will then write the estimate and give it to us. If you are not in a rental car at this point we will arrange a rental car for you
3.) Disassemble Vehicle
  • Vehicle taken apart to identify all damage
  • If more damage is found behind the exterior parts we will write up a supplement to figure up the total additional cost, repair time, and parts if needed. This will then be sent to the insurance company or customer for approval
  • The estimated completion date for repairs will then be determined
4.) Vehicle Repairs
  • Body, parts, and mechanical repairs
  • Customer will then be updated of the status of repairs via phone, email, or text
5.) Vehicle Assembly
  • Vehicle is put back together
  • Prepped to be painted
6.) Vehicle Paint
  • Body smoothing and sanding
  • Primer, paint, and clear coat applied
  • If any parts that were not put on or were removed to paint the vehicle they will be put on at this point
  • Customer will be updated and provided with a delivery/pick up date via phone, email, or text
7.) Quality Assurance
  • Vehicle will be washed and detailed
  • One of our certified technicians will go over the vehicle to ensure that it is completed to our high-quality standard
  • The vehicle will be test-driven to ensure that it is running properly and that it drives correctly and reliably
8.) On-Time Delivery
  • Pick up/Deliver your vehicle on time
  • Get back to your day-to-day life with your vehicle in pre-accident condition
9.) Lifetime Warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on paint and workmanship of the repairs that were done to your vehicle
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